While browsing the internet, have you ever wondered, how the very websites you are surfing are created? I am sure a lot of us have.

What was your next thought?

I am taking a wild guess here, although it is very likely to be true, that this looks very complicated.

Well, let me tell you, it is not.

Creating a website is incredibly easy and I am here to prove it to you.

I like to believe that each one of us is an expert at something, and have more knowledge about the same than others.

Then, why not put your knowledge and experience at work and make some money out of it?

Creating a website is the perfect way to leverage your expertise and experience to create a passive income source for yourself.

Simply, create a website.

If you are new at this, Start small.

There are different types and size of websites. There are big ones like Wikipedia, etc. or there are those which deals with a very specific topic and are far smaller in size. They are called niche websites.


If this is your first venture or you dont have a lot of time to dedicate to creating websites, you should be aiming for niche websites.

They are quick to create and majorly run on themselves and manage to bring in modest amount of revenue on their own.

So, if you have a full time job or have a family to look after and can’t spend hours on it everyday by sitting in front of your laptop, niche website is the way to go.

All you have to do is dedicate a few hours on writing a few articles, populate the links on social media, add advertisement banner and let internet do the rest of the work.

The idea is very simple. People will come to your website, read the information you have offered and click ad banners and you will get the revenue from it.

So far, so good.

You might be wondering that you CAN write but how on earth are you going to create an entire website around it? Don’t worry. Here is where I come in the picture. I will walk you through the process :)

I am going to simply breakdown the entire process of website creation and revenue generation for you with an actionable plan.

Now, let’s get cracking.

1. Pick a Topic

You might have already thought about the topic you are going to write about but if you have not then do not worry, ask yourself, what is that one thing that you can speak about. Just put the same thing in writing.

You don’t have to pick any thing which is very wide to cover. Let me tell you, you can create an entire, albeit small, website about “how to brew a perfect coffee?” Yes. There are a lot of coffee lovers out there. If you make your coffee a special way which has been liked by lot of your friends, share the recipe with others. I am sure many will love it on the internet too.

Now, “coffee brewing” was just an example. You can create a website about literally anything.

Still no luck about finding a topic?

Here are few examples: –

1. How to train for a marathon?

2. Basics of photography or how to take the perfect photograph?

3. Cool tips about iPhone.

4. Restaurant or product reviews.

5. How to teach your dog cool tricks?


If you still have not been able to pick a topic, keep digging. Eventually, you will find one :)


2. Buy Domain and Hosting


The terms “domain” and “hosting” are very easy to understand.

Domain name is simply the address of a website. The domain name of this website is “bloggerscale.com”. Simple!

Hosting can be defined as the space on a server which provides the network to your website. The hosting to a website is the same as telephone network to your phone. The ideas is to simply put your website and phone to the internet and telephone network respectively.

I have a number of niche websites (which gives me an edge of experience) and I use Bluehost on all of them. I have used a couple of other hosting providers too but Bluehost is the cheapest at less than $4/month & most reliable and I totally recommend it for domain and hosting (I thought I would put it out there to simplify the process for you even further :) )


3. Install a Blogging Platform


Although there are a lot of options for you, but WordPress takes the cake. It is extremely easy to navigate and has a very small learning curve (basically negligible). WordPress has a very easy to understand dashboard with self-explanatory terms.

How would you install WordPress?

Bluehost offers one click WordPress installation. Just add information like your username and password and click install. That’s it!

It will not take more than a minute to install and once WordPress is installed, log in with the credentials you just entered and there, you are good to go.


4. Start Writing!


Once you have installed WordPress, start writing.

After you have the first draft ready, click on Preview to see how exactly it looks on the website. If you have any changes to make, come back to WordPress dashboard, modify the desired changes and click on “Publish”. Viola! You are done.


5. Use Social Media to spread the Buzz

Now that you have your awesome post ready to be read by everyone, hop on to your favorite social media (or all of them) and share links to your latest post. Enjoy the traffic :)


How would you make money on your website?

It all boils down to this. This is the reason you have done all the shebang. Money, money, money.

The easiest way to make money on your niche website is though Google Adsense. Apply to Google Adsense with your information like name & address, once they e-mail you with the approval, start displaying banners on your website.

As the traffic comes, they will click on the links and you will make money out of it which you will receive from Google Adsense every month in your bank account.

There, you have it. The entire process of creating a website and making a totally passive income from it.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at blogger.scale@gmail.com

I would love to help you :)